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USA Wait Times and Deliveries for 2023 Hybrid

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I'm curious how long each of you waited for a 2023 Rav4 Hybrid, or at least how long the dealer has told you it will be. I'm eastern NC and just seeing in-transit inventory come online on all of the area dealer websites, but ofcourse they are probably spoken for.

I may end up with the gas version just because I'm not patient. This thread will help me decide if the wait is worth it. Thanks!

Edit: I see that there is a thread regarding waits in Canada, I started this one because they come from different factories and I think it's likely that wait times are different in the US. Thanks again.
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I got lucky and was a while ago. Has 2800 markup (early days). Needed car since someone totaled my 2016 Rav4.Air bags are priceless and saved my life I think.

They had a 2022 Rav4 XSE Cavalry blue which is a new style and kind of uniquire since most of my accessories I put on came from Canada like body side molding, bug shield which is so well built but takes time to put on. At 220 HP it is pretty quick. The prime is 300 HP.
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