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USA Wait Times and Deliveries for 2023 Hybrid

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I'm curious how long each of you waited for a 2023 Rav4 Hybrid, or at least how long the dealer has told you it will be. I'm eastern NC and just seeing in-transit inventory come online on all of the area dealer websites, but ofcourse they are probably spoken for.

I may end up with the gas version just because I'm not patient. This thread will help me decide if the wait is worth it. Thanks!

Edit: I see that there is a thread regarding waits in Canada, I started this one because they come from different factories and I think it's likely that wait times are different in the US. Thanks again.
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We put down a deposit for a 2023 Woodland edition on Jan 27, 2023 and were told it would likely be 6-8 weeks before delivery. I just checked in with our sales person this morning and he said it was set to start build March 1st. I had been watching the websites of dealers in the area and this was one of the few vehicles priced under $40k and no one had claimed it yet. The other thing we are waiting to see is that there is nothing on any of the feature lists for this VIN that says it has a moonroof. We checked, the sales folks checked. If so it is a bit of a unicorn as I have not seen a single RAV4 hybrid listed without one.馃
The arrival window for my 2023 Woodland Edition was updated to 3/12 to 3/18. Our deposit date was 1/27 so right in the 6-8 weeks timeframe the dealer told us.
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Still waiting on my 2023 Woodland Edition. The estimated window keeps jumping around on the dealer website. Timeline so far is deposit 01/27, estimated 6-8 weeks, supposed to start build 03/01. Current arrival estimate shows 03/23-04/12. So it could make in the 8 weeks window but that鈥檚 looking less likely.
My Cavalry Blue Woodland edition arrived at the dealer a couple hours ago so we will pick it up once they鈥檝e finished inspections! 01/27 deposit, 03/01 build start, 03/20 arrival. They made it in the 6-8 week estimate after all!
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