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USA Wait Times and Deliveries for 2023 Hybrid

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I'm curious how long each of you waited for a 2023 Rav4 Hybrid, or at least how long the dealer has told you it will be. I'm eastern NC and just seeing in-transit inventory come online on all of the area dealer websites, but ofcourse they are probably spoken for.

I may end up with the gas version just because I'm not patient. This thread will help me decide if the wait is worth it. Thanks!

Edit: I see that there is a thread regarding waits in Canada, I started this one because they come from different factories and I think it's likely that wait times are different in the US. Thanks again.
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Took delivery of my 2023 XLE hybrid tonight March 6th 2023 Ordered it back on June 1st 2022
Car was manufactured in Japan
I was originally told 3-6 months and its been over 9 months, but finally got it.
I'm a NJ resident but got mine from a PA Dealer that I purchased cars from in the past .
Paid exactly MSRP + tax, title and documentation fee with no dealer add on, up sales or funny business
There was an approximate $1200 MSRP price increase between the 2022 Model and the 2023 .
They asked me if I was interested in an extended warranty I said no , they had me initial a warranty waiver form and didn't try to talk me into anything ..
Walked in and drove out with the new car in a little over 60 minutes. Absolutely no up sales pressure from the dealer.
Just about all NJ dealers are charging between $1500-$3000 over MSRP as a “Market Adjustment fee “ Traveled 90 miles to pick up the car in PA but well worth it
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