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Hi all,

While playing audio through the USB port on a 2013 Limited....mine not only sounds like "snap, crackle, pop" but the whole computer shuts off and restarts 10+ times in a row. When it shuts off it makes a loud noise that sounds like a balloon bursting. Sometimes this startles me while I am driving. When the system restarts it comes back to the same song it was playing but I am unable to change folders, tracks, etc. The text is sometimes blank and the song won't play. It just keeps restarting. Then sometimes I can play this same USB drive with absolutely no issues.

I've tried several different USB drives of different memory sizes, with different songs, etc, and no luck. I have tried with just one song on the drive and eventually this issue will happen. It is intermittent but driving me crazy. :mad: Sometimes I can go for days without any issue and sometimes the system will restart over and over.

When I play a CD the sound is immaculate. But playing music through the USB even sounds sub-par.

I've browsed the forums for information on the USB device causing popping and crackling noises while playing. Like the issues described here...

Anyway it's been two years... has anyone been able to get a fix or find a solution to this?


Check the bit rate of the songs.. I believe if it's higher than 192 you will get the snap/pop sounds.
The bit rate of all my songs on the USB are between 128 and 192, and work perfectly.
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