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Ventilation system won't switch to windshield or floor vents

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When ac or heating are running and floor vents or windshield are selected, it will keep blowing through "face" vents (left, center and right on dashboard). How can I get this fixed?. I really use this setting a ton in winter. Thank you for taking the time to help! =)
Ps. AC and heating systems are working great, speeds of blowing too, it is just the selection of where to blow through.
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Check the 4.3 section for “blend door” and you will find a trove of information. This is your likely culprit. Please note, the base and automatic climate systems have different components and solutions.

2012 RAV4 Base FWD.
Upgraded to large from brakes and 3rd row rear springs.
As Foryota notes the 4.3 RAV4s have either automatic/electronic or manual ventilation control systems, depending upon vehicle trim level. Would need to know which system you have as problems and solutions differ.
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