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Well those of you following the write-off fest we can finally introduce the successor to DAISY...yes they wrote off Pearl..6000kms..not even first oil change...not guilty...same as Pearl..full load 2016 Limited.

Time to get busy and add the goodies the other vehicles had...first mod..led fogs from VLED's

Couple notes to help you out if you plan
-turn need to remove them
-unclip power from lamp in place...turn lamp in socket counter clockwise 1/4 turn ..pull out
-when installing the new LED press/seat into socket firmly or it will not's a watertight fit and you gotta get it seated properly to allow it to turn and lock into place pointing down

-remove push pin..pry out completely (looks not)

-remove 3 10mm screws from bottom..remove splash guard...pry front fender liner aside enough to get hand to lamp

press down near thumb to release

Here is lamp after pigtail is removed

stock lamp upper

VLED's spec

LED shown right in photo...stock lamp is the left in photo

All done..

Next mod sunroof deflector and radar detector hardwire to visor pocket

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Congrats and good luck!

After installation did you have to re-aim/adjust the fogs?
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