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Thanks in advance.

I am driving a 1996 4x2 Rav4. At 150K KM now.

I have this loud banging sound from front left under the bonnet when I make doing 100% u-turn. This only happened after off/start driving and make 100% U-turn.
After driving a about 2km, this sound disappeared.

If I off the engine and start driving, the sound come back when I doing 100% U-turn. It gone after a short while.

After driving about 2KM, OD/off will start blinking. My mechanic is suggesting to have a new tranmission. However, I am not very sure which part is at fault.

Any ideas is very much appreciated.

I had changed the drive shaft, check the engine, and the rear gear.

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Now, I suspect transmission is the culprit. But I don't understand why it happened only for the first few 100% u-turning.



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Two things spring to mind -

Inner drive shaft CV - joints


your left wheel is rubbing on the transmission (do you have 235s)

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But I have changed the drive shaft woth a new CV joint. Still have the problem.

I am having 215s. It should not be the problem.

I suspect is the transmission problem. Something related with the

Transmission Oil Pump or the solenoid.

I am from Malaysia, and I have to replace the whole transmission with everything inside. which cost me USD4000. Wow... This is killing me.

Thanks again.

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I had, what seems to be, this problem before. It had happened after I had to change my tire and it was because my tire was not on tight (even though it felt like it was). I never took it in, I just took off the tire and put back and and made sure it was more secure.

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Sorry - I read your post closer and you say you OD light flashes which means an ECT electrical error

find out the code and tell us what it is.

either get the ODBC code read or if you have the older type of diag plug short TE1 and E1 and count the blinks.

It may be a faulty transfer solenoid - however, if this fails it shoul fail 'safe'
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