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: I purchased a 2015 RAV4 in Spring 2015, and upgraded my iPhone to a 6S a few weeks ago. I paired it with the RAV4 and have had no problems until today. Yesterday I upgraded the software on the iPhone to iOS 9.2.

There are at least two issues involving voice recognition (VR) once the vehicle pairs itself with the iPhone:

1) Using VR, I am able to ask it to call a specific number. However, once the phone starts ringing, the dial tone starts beeping while the call is being made. If someone answers, the beeping continues over their voice. If I switch the call from VR to my iPhone 6S, there is a steady dial tone and no beeping while the number is being dialed or once a person or voice mail answers.

2) Using VR, and having the Audio option turned on, if I ask VR to play a specific song, it will respond by saying that there isn't anything plugged into the USB slot, or will try to play an FM station. It does not recognize the music stored on the phone; in other words, it is not recognizing the Audio app itself.
However, I am able to bring up the list of music on the phone on the display panel, and can manually choose a song to play.

Yes, I have both music and phone turned on in the Apps section.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I wonder if it's related to the iOS 9.2 upgrade.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can provide.

PS: I hope this is the appropriate forum for this message.
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