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vsv moved? can't find replacement!

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Hello, so i have a 1997 rav4, 4-door awd, 5 speed, with center locking diff. and because of the diff the vsv on the back of the motor is located on the top of the firewall on a bracket. however, when i look up the replacement i get the part 911-604, which has smaller male ends for the lines... attached is the actual part on the rav4, that no one can seem to find a replacement for. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Its right next to the battery. The p/n 90910-12100 is that Toyota lists however thats the same as a 911-604 which a shop told me wasn't right. The hose size on the current one is bigger. Toyota ordered in the 90910-12100 tomorrow or Monday I will take mine in and compare.


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