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Hi, I was reading the TSBs section and saw the bulletin regarding the VVT rattle on cold start, which I was previously unaware of. My 4 cylinder 2011 AWD Limited has done this since I bought it in late 2013. I never thought much about it, figuring it was just a trait of this particular engine model.

So I read the TSB and have done some searching here and elsewhere. There are two pieces of information I am not able to find.

1. What are the implications of not addressing this issue? There's plenty of information on the condition & parts involved, but I've not come across any statements about impending doom signaled by this noise. If it's just a noise issue, I prefer the condition over the dealer going into the engine. It's out of warranty anyway so I wouldn't have it done unless critical.

2. Where is the OCV filter on the 2011 I4, and is there more than one? One low res phone video here at RAV4World purports to show the location of the filter, but due to the limited field of view, I can't tell where the videographer is pointing on the engine. Another post asking the location did not get an answer.

Thanks everyone. This forum in general has been very helpful in the ownership of the RAV.
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