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Water leaks in on Driver's side when A/C is on? drainage problem?

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water seems to leak in on driver's side when the A/C is on. possible drainage problem? if so any tips on how to unclog? or am i going to have to take this to the dealer?
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I have the same AC leak, with the cassical swushing sound when turning left. And the AC draining pipe is NOT clogged. The AC works fine, mabe slightly weaker. Suggestions?
It is the evaporator core. I know of this occurring on two 2001's -- the seams deteriorate and it leaks. The real fix is VERY expensive (replacing the evap core, which is an expensive part plus you have to remove most of the dash to get to it). But there is a ultra-cheapo, super-not-fancy work-around that doesn't cost but a few bucks and about an hour of your time.

Here is it:

I did that on a '01 almost 2 years ago, and the fix is still working. My niece did it on her '01 a few months ago, and it solved her problem too. Good luck! Both vehichles are in coastal Cali, where the AC is used a often and the humidity is above average (so there is a lot of water to remove).
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