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Water leak due to run-off issue. Gutter and weep holes clogged with debris missing guides. At the dealer they neglected to replace nylon retainers (like rivets) securing a replacement cowl cover shield (under wiper arms and under hood) leaving a gap in water guide -along bottom, edges of windshield - which is part of the "gutter system." A gap allows rain water and sediment to get inside, enter the cabin instead of being carried down to areas w/factory weep holes. Some models get water into glove-box (some cars have computer behind dash), and on some cars water fills up in inside bottom of door panels (effecting power window motor) and also water runs down inside front fender rusting it out since water can't exit thru factory weep-holes and fender is filled with debris: washed down, splashed up soil/sand, with leaves blown up or carried by heavy rain which accumulates behind fender also "splash guard" inside wheel-well allowing fenders to rusts from inside out. I caught this early this time yet had experienced a fender issue years ago w/no undertanding why. Its good to check windshield at bottom edges while cleaning or clearing ice snow and also clean debris from cowl under hood below windshield around wiper arms and clean out gutter under trunk lid at top between hinges which holds a lot of debris, if wanting to keep an older car a while longer. This causes mystery wiring issues and rust holes otherwise.
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