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I have the feeling that the little yellow people with the funny eyes watching us talking and trying to find the trough about the new RAV and they laugh. :x
What is going on around the world about the new RAV is totally unbelievable!!! :shock:
If their target was to create a panic about it for sure they did it!
I have to say that although I watch other sites about RAV around the world RAV4WORLD IS THE BEST!!!! The best opinions, and the best-informed persons about a lot of matters are here!!! 8)
So lets stop writing and say anything about it for all next week.
Let’s spent some more time searching and surfing on the net about it and at the end of next week we will all send our reports to a new topic we will call it “Reports”!
Maybe just maybe if they see that things calm down then “maybe” will leave some more info or photos on the net. :wink:
What you think?

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I think they will still be laughing at us :roll: but I suppose we can give your suggestion a try :D

I did here (from a good source) that the 2006 RAV4 (along with a few other 2006 Toyota models) will have "REMOTE START" as a factory option 8)

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:D No…
:D It’s an expression we use to say it only for the Japanese people which we admire for their achievements and the unbelievable progress on technologies they have offer to world. For us Japan has almost the 80% :shock: !!!!!of sales in all kind of engines cars motor bikes marine engines all!!! We considered according to our population one of the best markets for them. That’s not a coincidence it’s a fact that comes natural to us since the bonds with their philosophy and values for honor are very close. :D I observe very often in my country that when they come for vacations they always mention the way we make them feel!! :D

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Yes... you should see my FUN envelope in my pc :D
Now about Japanese again…if you ever visit Japan then you will see what I mean. They keep their tradition and on the other hand a small baby can play and handle a robot like an adult!! In some areas they live in places that you feel like you are 400 years back in time and in some other 400 years ahead!!! And most of all they love their history and know almost perfectly ours (I mean the Greek at least)!
BY the way Scadinavians feel also good when they visit us!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

UPS... I almost forgot it.... Many greetings to all Americans for their Holiday Today!!!
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