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What have you done to your RAV4 today?

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I saw this on another site and figured to give it a try here at R4W. Pics are nice but not required. Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!

I'll start off first... I saw cat foot prints on my hood today. Decided I need to wash it this weekend.
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Sat morning I washed and waxed the rav. I waited until dark and just drove around town with the radio off. It was so peacefull, just driving and listening to the sounds of the road and the engine. Sunday I will do the interior, if I do it right , it should take about 2 to 3 hours. First take out all loose objects/trash, dust, vacuum, wash everything, armorall all plastic, clean the mats, clean all glass, inside and out, then add a new air freshner. I now have a new radiator, air conditioning compressor, so I am more than ready for the Las Vegas summer. Bring on the 110's :thumbs_up:
Put a bid in on a short sale house. Bid accepted. Waiting for bank to approve. For the first time my rav will have a garage :D I cant wait to have a house again ! Before I only had a driveway. It will be so nice to not park in tiny apartment spaces with idiots on both sides who ding your doors. By this time next year I'm going to get all dings and dents fixed :D ( of course I bid on the house for me and my family too!)
1 - 2 of 1144 Posts
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