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What have you done to your RAV4 today?

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I saw this on another site and figured to give it a try here at R4W. Pics are nice but not required. Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!

I'll start off first... I saw cat foot prints on my hood today. Decided I need to wash it this weekend.
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SeriousBlack said:
Installed headlights...
Looks awesome SB!
goldogmom said:
I have a hose on a reel, attached to the side of my house. When fall is coming to a close, I unscrew the hose extension and put a foam insulation cover over the faucet. This year, I thought I drained the hose but apparently I did not ;-) In the back, the hose reel is on wheels and I can roll it into the garage, though I did not do that this year. But it too is disconnected and the faucet has an insulated cover to keep the pipe from freezing. Maybe I will roll it into the garage this week, once it all thaws, and then, if I want to do this in another few weeks and the weather warms up enough to do the job, I can wheell the back hose out of the garage and use it up front, in case that hose is still frozen, though I will try and drain it by this weekend.

It is a pain in that it is DARK by the time I get home each evening from work and I cannot get much done outside right now, except on the weekends. But we have turned the corner and the light is a comin' ! ;-)

Do you garage your hose each winter? We don't get a lot of ice cold weather but, this winter is supposed to be a hard one, El Ninjo they say so I better gear up. I guess I can look at all the activity as something to do to keep me out of trouble :lol:
I have to bring my reel on wheels into the house every year. Left it in the garage one year( with hose removed and hanging). Still enough water in the innards to split things and in the spring when turning the water back on, water was spraying everywhere. Spoke to company and had to order replacement parts.
Nice rack!

But seriously, nice rack.
Actually I stuck my Hula Girl on the dash today. She is a little tall, had to stick her right over the center vents.
Put the fan on high and she's going to have to do that Marilyn Monroe pose!
Thanks for the input, now that I have more than one person telling me that the red rings don't look nice, I've decided to stick with the stock chrome.

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I also wouldn't paint the rings, but if you have any pinstripe left you could accent the chrome rings with a touch of red striping just on the paint if you have the room down there.
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