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What have you done to your RAV4 today?

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I saw this on another site and figured to give it a try here at R4W. Pics are nice but not required. Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!

I'll start off first... I saw cat foot prints on my hood today. Decided I need to wash it this weekend.
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Wow, my day sounds pretty boring by comparison. My RAV was covered in pollen, so I hosed it down with soap and water. I was going to take it to the car wash, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
Hey Willy, don't look now but it seems you got some kind of reptile on your dash!
klark said:
Added billet grille today :)

That looks really good with the Toyota emblem!
Beautiful! Who does the white RAV belong to?
Today after running it through the car wash, I vacuumed out the interior, treated the leather on the steering wheel and gearshift knob, and sprayed the undercarriage to make sure all the salt is gone. Even sprayed in the engine compartment where some road salt residue had built up.
I installed the Wade 72-97161 hood deflector ordered from Amazon:

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NYPD said:
Whoa, is that clear?! Insane!
Yep, it's clear! I think it looks better than the dark tinted one on a silver RAV.
Hey OC! I learned from some dude that really knew his stuff. I'm trying to remember, but he used to give Zaino Zombie hat awards to people that did nice work. Maybe he will post that award so we remember who he was.
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I tried putting 13 gallons of gas in my Rav4 today...
I was running an errand and noticed it was time to tank up. I saw a BP station and pulled in. I was watching the pump and just as I thought that it was weird that Rav was taking so much fuel, I heard the sound of a small water fall. I turned my head towards the Rav and gas was spewing everywhere. Long story short, I drove home with a soaking wet right sneaker that reeked of fuel.
Another BP spill??? Wait 'til the media hears about this. :)

Seriously, you should really report that malfunctioning pump to the authorities.
Today I will be rotating the air in my tires and upgrading to synthetic blinker fluid :)
And don't forget to grease your muffler bearings! :p
I checked the air pressure in the tires. Since the temperature has been getting cooler, the pressure went down to 32 psi which is low for me. I bumped them up to 37 and set the spare at 42.
I installed a Homelink transmitter above the sun visor. Now I can open my garage, my Mom's gate, and my son's garage. Or I might program one of the buttons to turn on the front porch light.

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James, where'd you get that? I'm just back from digging around in the Rav looking for the transmitter that had fallen off AGAIN after being double-sided taped to the warning sticker on the sun visor.
Finished my XM satellite head unit upgrade. Total cost with shipping was $65!
Hey JB, big football game coming up soon, eh?
What? There's a big football game coming up? :p

Don't worry, I've already told my boss I wanted Saturday night off so I can watch. My only hope is the game lives up to the hype!

Go Tigers!
Beat Bama!
Interesting game for sure. You must be pleased.
LSU 9, Alabama 6 OT

It was an epic battle, I've never seen a game like that. That was old-fashioned smashmouth football like they used to play in the '50's. Just goes to show that you can have a great passing game, great running game, and a great defense, but without great kicking and special teams, you can still lose.

Hey, I saw your buddy Bob Kraft there wearing a Bama button!
Installed the plastic rear bumper protector last night. I was surprised how well it fits, the gaps were very minimal (if any) and it contours to the bumper just right.
Ended up installing it over top of the clear protection film that you can get, figured it would limit paint wear when dirt and grime builds up underneath the plastic.
I thought the 2010 came from the factory with a rear bumper protector?
Ours came with the clear film protection already on it but not the larger plastic cover.

I installed this (not our rav):
Yeah, I know, I took that picture of MY RAV. Do you have the base, Sport, or Limited? All the 2009's and 2010's I have looked at already had a similar protector from the factory.
Interesting...I know the 2009-2011 base and Limited models I looked at had the rear bumper protector. Maybe they eliminated that on the SAP because the bumper is a different shape?
Driving home in the dark today, I notices my window defroster dial was not lit. After a few minutes, I decided to tap it a couple times and it came back on. :shrug:
Uh-Oh! This is only the first sign of trouble. Time to trade it in!! :)
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