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What have you done to your RAV4 today?

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I saw this on another site and figured to give it a try here at R4W. Pics are nice but not required. Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!

I'll start off first... I saw cat foot prints on my hood today. Decided I need to wash it this weekend.
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I rear ended some old guy who slammed on his brakes for a fucking cat. His brake lights weren't even working.

no real damage to his vehicle but my grille guard got bent up and is now wrapped around the car pretty tight. My AC stopped working and I can't open my hood :D
So I have to get that fixed today and also do a oil/filter change.
Bought this (Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD) along with a compatible TV Tuner and the MTX terminator subs. Will be installing them tommorow.

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I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday and today:

-Wheel Balancing and Alignment.

-New LED Tail Lights from Depo

-This is a vinyl sticker on spare wheel cover. :D
I'll take it off when i get bored with it and the game

-Pioneer avh-p4200. & a Kensinton dash mount for iphone

-MTX subwoofers.

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Driving to Brazil this weekend so i got these piaa driving lights for the forest roads. They're chrome and go nice with the chrome grill and guard.

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SeriousBlack said:
nice! :thumbs_up: How did they work out?
Great. The wildlife was scared s***less tho, I saw none.
Starting the return trip in 2 hours.
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