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What have you done to your RAV4 today?

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I saw this on another site and figured to give it a try here at R4W. Pics are nice but not required. Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!

I'll start off first... I saw cat foot prints on my hood today. Decided I need to wash it this weekend.
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How do you like the weathertech window deflectors. I had an avs on my 93 yota. Pickup and cant decide between them for 50 or the WT for 100. Is the WT seem like a better quality?
It's holding up pretty well up to now, I had a few problems with the driver side since it was in-channel and would hit the window deflectors and go back down, but re-installing it again it works fine now. It seems like its durable.

The video from weathertechs website is a good installation video.
Thanks I like inchannel better and yah on my truck I had to actually dremmel the corner near the front thinner and used silicone flier cause it didn't close or stick well
I attempted to put my old Mustang wheels on the Rav, offset (24mm) was a tad bit off. :(


OEM fogs installed, thank you Toyota for having the Rav wiring for the fog light even if the Rav didn't have the option installed. :D:
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adds a nice touch. I want to do this next.
Only thing I will change whenever I have time (probably before winter) is using some amber 9005 (65w) bulbs instead of the white 9006 (55w) bulbs that came with it. It'll throw out a bit more light and be better light for fog/snow/rain conditions.
I picked my RAV4 up at a nearby dealer service center yesterday. The long weekend with that 2011 Camry was "OK" but I sure like the RAV4 more!

I had an OEM tow hitch and wiring installed. As I noted in the ".... stop sale?" thread, folks may be surprised at how much a service & parts manager might "... be able to work with you..." on pricing, if you ask nicely! :cool:

Had a PDR guy come to the house and massage a couple of dings out of our cars. PDR is an art in itself and this guy is a master at it. $55 per boo boo and an hour later he was done. Perfect repairs in both cases.
Had a PDR guy come to the house and massage a couple of dings out of our cars. PDR is an art in itself and this guy is a master at it. $55 per boo boo and an hour later he was done. Perfect repairs in both cases.
Nice, I have a couple of those that I need to get taken care of. That's not including the small ones from acorns that I'm going to ignore.
I know it's all in the name of efficiency but ain't it a shame that an acorn can ding a new car? I had a '58 Ford wagon that a sledge would bounce off of.
Yeah, times have changed for sure. An acorn should not dent a car, but I guess it's all for efficiency like you say.
I did a lot over the weekend. I picked up a horn relay to complete my fog light upgrade (I stole the horn relay for the fogs...), detailed the interior, polished the headlights and tail lights, waxed the windshield (Rav will be clay bar'd and waxed soon) and snagged a cargo net from a early 2000 Chevy Malibu at the wrecker and got it to work with the Rav. :D:

This is before:

Here is the after:

A coat of wax to make it easier to clean bugs off this summer:

I found a couple carabiners around the house and installed this cargo net I got for free from the wreckers:

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Nice how the headlamps turned out!
I miss those "bag" hooks on the seat backs . I wish the 4.3 had them.
Well, I attempted to clean the engine with baby wipes... that didn't work out! LOL! It worked for the rest of the car, though! XDD! I also washed it!
Sandblasted the rims (rusting) and painted with black high-gloss engine enamel. This ought to work for a little while until I buy some new ones. Also finally ordered and installed underglow lights. This is just a crappy pic with the phone; I'll put some good ones in my album soon.

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Cool lights... makes me want to get some for my RAV :)
Let me know how those work out for you.
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