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What have you done to your RAV4 today?

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I saw this on another site and figured to give it a try here at R4W. Pics are nice but not required. Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!

I'll start off first... I saw cat foot prints on my hood today. Decided I need to wash it this weekend.
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I took my Rav in today for my first oil change and tire rotation. I arrived there at 9 and it was done at 9:30 to my surprise. While talking to the service manager he noticed that the tech who worked on my car did NOT change the, no wonder it only took him a half an hour! He said there was a mixup while writing my ticket up because I requested a 5 tire rotation. I also had them remove the roof rack cross rails because I didn't want to mess with them myself. When all was said and done, I got a free oil change on my next visit because of their mishap, oh well no harm no foul I guess but I will certainly be double checking to make sure the oil is changed on future visits.

When I got home, I clayed and waxed my Rav for the first time also. I was surprised at how easy it is to use a clay bar. I used Meguiar's clay and their NXT Tech Wax 2.0 and I have to say my Rav looks like a million bucks!l
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While claying my other car, decided to check under the hood of the BlackMobile. The K&N filter looked a bit dirty, decided to clean and oil it.
Put a bid in on a short sale house. Bid accepted. Waiting for bank to approve. For the first time my rav will have a garage :D I cant wait to have a house again ! Before I only had a driveway. It will be so nice to not park in tiny apartment spaces with idiots on both sides who ding your doors. By this time next year I'm going to get all dings and dents fixed :D ( of course I bid on the house for me and my family too!)
RB if you get the new home,, then Congrats :cheers:
I know exactly how you feel.
For 5 years I had a Cherry tree that shaded my RAV. (Also plugged my Sunroof
and flooded car :x )
After it died a natural Death, every day I moved it on the street under a Maple Tree (Summer) :(

Maybe one day she'll have a real roof over her head,
But for now i've put up a Tent same as one below.
It's kinda like she's in a refugee camp for now :shrug:

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I rear ended some old guy who slammed on his brakes for a fucking cat. His brake lights weren't even working.

no real damage to his vehicle but my grille guard got bent up and is now wrapped around the car pretty tight. My AC stopped working and I can't open my hood :D
So I have to get that fixed today and also do a oil/filter change.
Since the weather was nice yesterday, I washed the RAV4 and drove to a local reservoir to take some pictures of it for my album. Today I cleaned my floor mats after work. Cleaning the mats was more satisfying than anything I did at work today.
Bought my RAV4 in early April and since then have waxed it; put on OEM mud guards and bug deflector; and driven it too much. Bought a Toyota carpet mat for the cargo area and Weathertech rubber mats for the passenger area. Now trying to decide if I should add Toyota side steps and upgrade the horn. Still lots of pollen around so need to wash it down again.

Spent Sunday afternoon fixing the washer hose leak I had to track down in my wife's 1997 Corolla and trying to decide if I need to replace mats, wheel covers. My daughter hates it when I pick her up at school with the Corolla. :D
I know this is supposed to be “what did I do to my RAV 4 today" but I have a lot of catching up to do.

December 8-2009 – Took Delivery of new 2010 RAV 4, Barcelona Red, V6 AWD. I started looking at Ford Escape as I was so happy that Ford did not take federal money and I had been a Ford guy from 1965 – 1999 when I started buying Toyota’s. I drove both the Escape 4 and 6 and RAV4 4 and 6 and when I looked at Consumer Reports, Toyota looked like the way to go. Toyota was rated higher in EVERY category. Yes, Ford said that their quality is equal to Nissan and Toyota but who do I believe, an independent organization like Consumer Reports or the company trying to sell you “their” product?

December 15th 2009 – One week old, rear drivers side door got dinged by shopping cart at supermarket. No evidence of who did it but they left the cart parked by the front of my vehicle. (anybody have a fingerprint kit???) Ordered side moldings same day. Don’t really want to install them but I had to try to get some protection for the sides. If the moldings had been installed, it wouldn’t have prevented the dent at this height. ( $199 installed)

January 1-2010 – Install Draw-Tite #75432 Class III 2” Hitch and #118412 wiring harness from e-trailer ($220.85). The main reason for a hitch (and I ordered the RAV 4 with the tow prep option) was not to tow a trailer but to install bike and ski racks on the hitch. I decided to install the light wiring it in case I pull a small trailer for yard waste etc. I spent several weeks using consumer reports and customer reviews to decide on which hitch to buy. I liked the round tube design as well as a mounting plate for the wire adapter. All after market hitches seem to hang lower that the factory hitch but $220 vs. $800…no brainer!

January 12th, 2010 – 1,000 mile dealer courtesy inspection. Had mud guards installed ($ 99 installed)

January 27th, 2010 – 2020 miles - Owner Oil change, Purolator L25608 filter and 6.5 qts. Mobile 1 synthetic, 5-30.

February 8, 2010 – Install Auto Vision Guard rear view camera, mirror, and 4 distance sensors ($149.99). Rear view is really poor for a guy use to cars (this is my first SUV). Local shop that installs after market units for the local Toyota dealer started at a fair price ($402) and each time I went back, the priced inched up until the price was $753 so I said, screw it, I’ll try something myself. Found this Audio Vision Guard from Sonic Mirror similar to MITO unit but camera is larger. Camera is not as easy to conceal as the MITO unit but hey, I saved $450..I’ll live with that!

February 11th, 2010 Joined RAV 4

February 15th, 2010 – Received and installed Weather Tech mats and cargo liner ($224.90).

February 20th – Install Black Metal Front License Plate frame (Advanced Auto) ($ 6.00) Just makes the front plant look more “finished” vs. the edges of the license plate.

March 29th, 2010 – Received Thule 990 two bike rack with lock from local Bicycle Shop (The Wheel Base) ($ 270.00 rack $ 27.00 lock) I belong to a local bicycle club and get a discount that made the price from my local shop equal to the mail order places. I like to give the local shops my business if possible even if a few dollars more.

April 3rd, 2010 - Don’t like the look of the trailer light wires just hanging down (I was never a fan of keeping the connector inside and just taking out when needed like e-trailer video shows either). I ordered and installed a Hopkins #37175 wiring adapter. ($22.95)

There, I’m up to date! Since then, I’ve just been washing, driving, and enjoying.
Comments on this site regarding hitches, bike racks, accessories etc. have been very helpful. Each person still needs to rank the features that is most important to them prior to making a “buy” decision but the collective experience of the membership is invaluable.

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SeriousBlack said:
Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!
I ratted about in my garage till I found my old Bike Tight fork mount to see if my bike would fit in the back of the RAV4 - It didn't fit in my old Jeep Cherokee w/o taking off the seat!


Eureka! Room for two bikes!
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hey, that's great BGHouse!
I like the security of having my old, beat-up bikes inside and locked up! OTOH, I can't find where that device is made anymore. Looks like Bike Tight is still out there and making a device that could be adapted. Like they suggest, bolt a couple of these to a 1x6 cut to fit ...
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Bought this (Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD) along with a compatible TV Tuner and the MTX terminator subs. Will be installing them tommorow.

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Checked supplies for doing a spring detail this weekend.
Took the car seat out and put it in the Yaris.
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Yep, it's that time again. Hurricane season is just around the corner. :roll: Today I went to SAM's and bought a Honda WH7000EH Portable Generator. It weight it 210lbs. At first I thought it wouldn't fit. Since I have a custom rear strut tower. Quickly removing it gave me the space necessary to b able to haul it home. Oh, BTW, price, $975.00 :roll:
Washed and clayed the blackmobile today. Plan to polish and apply some Zaino tomorrow.
Did the spring detail today...

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Hey NYPD, I thought about hitting my Borla exhaust tip with black from time to time. Just never got the nerve to do it. Looks good!
put on a car top carrier ...

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Had the tranny flushed, oil changed, rear wiper replaced at 105,000 miles. Go Blackmobile Go!
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