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What have you done to your RAV4 today?

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I saw this on another site and figured to give it a try here at R4W. Pics are nice but not required. Tell us what you have done to your RAV4 today!

I'll start off first... I saw cat foot prints on my hood today. Decided I need to wash it this weekend.
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Pim said:
SeriousBlack said:
It was 46 degrees today. I was able to wash all three cars including the BlackMobile. Glad to get that salt off...
Did you do the bottom of your car as well?
Otherwise 'that salt' still is on your car.
Not that it helps a bit, since you still seem to have ice on the side and thus loads of salt on the roads. But hey, it made you happy... ;)

No, I don't clean under the car. I do spray out the wheel wells.
goldogmom said:
Well, I decided to give my new gal a 'bath' today, her first ever, as I brought her home on December 15th. I put good car soap and hot water in my bucket, found a nice 100% cotton towel, tore it into a good size for washing, found my 3 foot extension arm for getting to the roof and put a warm coat on and rubber shoes, to head out into this sunny but 42 degree day. I unhooked my faucet cover, hooked my hose up and turned on the water. Damn, the water I did not know I left in the hose, was frozen solid and so the hose won't work. No water available for the pre rinse, or post wash rinse. Sigh... It has been in the 20s every night this week so I guess it should not be a surprise that the water in the hose has not thawed out just yet. Dang, I was excited to get the road dirt off of my new car. By Wednesday, we are supposed to have lows in the 40s so I will reschedule the christening bath for next weekend. :lol:
Yeah, got to drain the hose after use. Do you keep it in a garage or anything?
goldogmom said:
Do you garage your hose each winter? We don't get a lot of ice cold weather but, this winter is supposed to be a hard one, El Ninjo they say so I better gear up. I guess I can look at all the activity as something to do to keep me out of trouble :lol:
Yes, during the winter I garage it. I don't have a hose reel; I just wind it up manually. I have two hoses connected together to reach the spigot. When I'm done, I disconnect at the spigot and take off the sprayer. As I wind it up, I let it drain out the other end.
Conrad_Turbo said:

Stripping the emblems was last night.

I also added red filters to the three interior lights in order to not damage night vision when using the interior light or entering/exiting the RAV in the dark. :D:
Cool! I did the same to mine (debadged). Looks better! 8)

NYPD said:
Finally got a car wash.
Looks good NYPD. It's always nice to get that winter crap off the car!
lol NYPD! We are getting the snow now. Backed mine out of the garage today to get the snow blower out...

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norm said:
Just plug in the block heater for this night, -20C again.
It'll help the RAV tomorrow morning...and I will get heat in the cab sooner. :D:

It's only the 2nd time I used the block heater this year.
How did it work for you today?
Conrad_Turbo said:
Finished welding up my roof rack basket and have it up on the RAV to test for wind noise. Tonight will be mocking up lights and welding some brackets, then the rack will come off and be painted and left to dry. Should have a roof rack with lights on by Friday! Then wiring will have to happen after I get my fuse block and after I get back from Cancun/Florida.
Take some pics of the rack! 8)
NYPD said:
Today, I have met my match...

I forgot to bring my camera!! Ugh!
:lol: how did I miss this post?? That is too funny! Great pics NYPD!
junebug1701 said:
I installed the Wade 72-97161 hood deflector ordered from Amazon:

Looks great on silver, nice pick :thumbs_up:
Just drove my RAV4 back from yet another snowmobiling trip in VT.
goldogmom said:
"If one has to go to work on a Monday, a clean and shiny black RAV makes it all that much more enjoyable".

So true! :thumbs_up:
I took mine through a car wash today. I've only done this once before since I usually wash it myself. I just could not take the salt anymore. :egad:
Drove my RAV4 through yet another snow storm! It handled it very well.
goldogmom said:
Serious, you and much of the mid west and east coast are sure getting hammered this winter. And, as I think of it, some of the south too. I'm in the PNW and while we were told it would be a seriously hard winter (sign on a auto parts store on my commute says "are you ready for the worst winter since 55?") it has been quite reasonable, though we've had snow twice, but nothing really serious, at least to me. I hope you are not having too hard a time of it, and I send safe travels and warm homes to all the listers, in the US and around the world.
Thanks goldogmom! It's typical north east winter. I'll just fire up the snowblower an take care of business. :D:

Don't have the lights mounted yet, but once I have the brackets on then the rack will be cleaned up and sprayed with black rockerguard paint (super durable and looks good). :)
Wow! very nice. Well done. Can't wait to see the final result.
I ordered driver + passenger wheel well liners and had Toyota install them for $150
What happened to the originals?
Finished painting the roof rack last night, felt really wasteful while painting as you realize how much overspray you have when you're trying to paint expanded mesh! :lol:

Also painted up the front Toyota emblem on the Rav (had the chrome stripped off a few weeks ago). It's a nice gun metal grey color.

Should be getting the rack on in the next few days, along with mounting the lights, installing the Toyota emblem and reinstalling the caps (which I covered in 3M DI-NOC carbon fiber adhesive) for the roof rack rails.

Next it'll be wiring in the lights and then possibly doing the dual battery setup. :D:
make sure to post pics! :)
I thought one of my halo's went out on my black projector headlights. I got a chance to check it out today and it was just a lose connection. All is well. :)
Are you selling it Monday NYPD?
Unfortunately yes...
bummer we won't see the BAT flying around here anymore. Have you decided on what you will get yet?
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