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I am looking to upgrade the black, heavy steel wheels that came with our 2017 Rav4 LE. It looks like the wheels from the third generation cars are identical in terms of offsets, bolt patterns, diameter etc.

See here:

Rims for Toyota RAV4 2017
• Bolt pattern 5x114.3
o Diameter: 17.0'' - 18.0'';
o Width (inches): 6.5 - 7.5;
o Offset (mm): 39 - 45.

Rims for Toyota RAV4 2012
• Bolt pattern 5x114.3
o Diameter: 16.0'' - 18.0'';
o Width (inches): 6.5 - 7.5;
o Offset (mm): 39 - 45.

So I should be able to get a set of 17" alloy rims from a third gen car (like a 2012) and take my tires that came with the car
(P225/65R17), slap them on and go. Yes?

Has anyone done this swap?


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Re. Wheel Swap from 3rd gen to 4th Gen Rav4

Don ^^ You will be fine !!
Some Gen3's had 16" rims (base model) and probably Sport & Limited had 17'...just a general rule or maybe 4 cylinder cars had 16" rims standard while v6's often had 17"...??
- wife's 2008 Limited v6 came with 6-spoke 17x7" alloy rims, that we use in winter months
- her 3 season rims came off a 2013 Highlander 7-spoke 17x7.5" alloys with a marginally different offset (due to extra width) & looks perfect

Winter is approaching & time for swapping out the M&S summer tires.

Bought the low mileage RAV4 this summer, wearing Michelin snow tires & SUV came with the OEM aluminum rims & nuts.
- luckily the rusty steel rims, scared away the first two buyers
- otherwise, the RAV4 was totally rust free, even the undercarriage

As purchased:

Used the rusty rims & tires for safety check , next day purchase new Firestone Le2 tires & installed on the factory 6-spoke aluminum rims:

Now comes the 2013 Highlander OEM 17" rims, new 7-spoke takeoffs with 800 Km:
- these rims will be my summer wheels with the Firestone Le2 rubber

From what I gathered: Bolt pattern | Stud Pattern : Toyota Bolt Pattern

2008 RAV4 Limited - rim size = 17x7 & 5x114.3 bolt pattern, with a 45 mm offset
- Hub/Center Bore = 60 mm hole for Toyota center cap

2013 Highlander - rim size = 17x7.5 & 5x114.3 bolt pattern, with a 35 mm offset
- Hub/Center Bore = 60.1 mm hole for Toyota center caps

^^ Only the rim width (1/2 inch) so offset is different by 10 mm - anyone see a problem, with this?
- the new Highlander rims will be for summer now & RAV4 OEM rims for winter driving
Cheers, Larry
^^ You asked & you shall receive / 2013 Highlander 7-spoke rims (17x7.5" takeoffs), fit perfect:
- went on yesterday / last snow fall & freezing rain, was a week ago

Loads of mounting clearance & rims adds a measure of newness, to the Gen3 RAV4 look.
- Highlander rims are only half inch wider than original 2008 Limited alloys / not an issue
- Firestone Le2's still tuck inside fender flares, very nicely / for dedicated 3 season use

Kelly dobe approved:
- silver powder coat was polished with AUTO GLYM sealant / on sale purchase @ Canadian Tire
- tire foam spray was a kleen-flo product, from NAPA/UAP / good stuff
Small quantities of brake dust, easily wipe off slick aluminum rims / with a dry paper towel.
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