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which oil filter for 2.5L?

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Just curious which brand and model oil filter you guys with the 2.5L like to use? I'm one of the few I think that really has nothing bad to say about FRAM. Knock on wood, I've never had an issue with their stuff, and other than the occasional Donaldson filter, FRAM is all we use at work on the trucks, can only recall having one failure in my 15yrs there, and that was a spin on fuel filter. I like to use their Tough Guards, but may give their Ultra a go next oil change. I like that those models have plastic end caps, vs. none at all like their extra guard and the factory toyota filter.
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Have always noted that my oil stayed cleaner looking longer with Purolator than Fram, Delco, or Wix. I refuse to pay more than $5 for a filter. Even my Cub Cadet stays cleaner with Purolator rather than the OEM $9 replacement.
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