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I just got the new CR issue as well. All I can say is that there is the CR testing and then there is reality. I've had my 2013 Rav4 XLE since Dec. 2013 and have driven it through two Mid Atlantic winters- PA, NJ, DE and MD and this CUV has been fantastic. I still have the OEM Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires on my Rav.

While not quite the volume of snow in the Mid Atlantic that the upper NE gets, winter weather can bring us a variety of precipitation- rain, snow (light dusting to a foot or more), freezing rain, sleet, ice and often changing from one to the other quickly. Drifting snow is another issue after the plow have been through. The Rav4 has cruised down unplowed roads in the early morning, gone through chopped up, rutted foot deep drifted snow, held traction in slick, slushy mess on the interstate and traveled at a moderate speed on packed snow covered secondary roads with hills, turns and short stopping distances.

As Badcafe & others have noted- slow down, keep good tires on the car and adjust your driving to the conditions.

Also to be fair- in the latest issue of CR, the report on tires is very good.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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