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I have owned four Subarus. A forester, a wrx, a legacy wagon, and an impreza. 2 sticks, two autos. The manual wrx with snows was the best car I have ever driven in snow.....besides my 2011 V6 rav with conti lx20 all seasons! See, with good tires, the rav is more of an old school jeep cherokee feeling vehicle. I love it. I think this test is ridiculous. How about they test all the suv's and use the exact same tires? That would be a more fair test. I live in the northeast and commute from Northern Westchester to the Bronx every single day. My rav is the perfect car for rough commutes. I think only a Renegade TRailhawk or Cherokee Trailhawk could tempt me to get rid of the Rav....but I worry about Jeep reiliability
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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