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Only time a Rav's let me down was completely my fault. It was in our 2005. Got hit by a surprise snow storm that dumped 8 inches on us while at work when we were just forecast for a dusting later in the evening. It was time for the tires to be replaced but hadn't gotten around to it yet, still legal tread but not something to drive in ice/snow. I had a 55 mile level highway commute ahead but some local hills to get up first...and it just couldn't do it. Getting turned around to go back down the hill with traffic was a hairy situation almost got stuck blocking both lanes. Thought I'd be spending the night at work but ventured out again around 10pm after traffic let up and tried a less hilly route and made it home white knuckling it in some places. Won't catch me slacking on a tire replacement anymore.
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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