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I'm a freak when it comes to gadgets. You may not see any other car with more interior or exterior light modifications. What can I say other than I'm a weirdo when it comes to led's, neons and bulbs. I recently bought a purple neon rod but couldn't figure out any place to put it!

I think I'm the only idiot crazy enough to put a public accouncement system in his rav4.
Yes, the car sounds somewhat like a police car. Pedestrians turn their heads wondering where the voice is coming from. It's pretty funny. Kids can't get enough of the pa system and can't stop smiling when they here the "talking car." After hearing my car talk from across the street, a guy said, "I don't like cars that are smarter than me."

If you want your own pa system for under $65, head over to and hit page 21 to see where you can get yours.

Not much engine work other than a cold air intake which may not pull anymore more than 5-7 hp (my guestimate).

My car is bumpy! It's got a all new suspension from the help of my buddy Ron who's done much of the installation for me. I'm trying my best to make it handle like a Mini Cooper and I think I'm pretty close. Why would I want to do that?...I'm crazy that's why. Or maybe it's just the Bay Area blood.


I'm finally back. I've been on this rav4 forum for quite some time but left for a bit and discovered when I Kelly was reworking this website. I'm happy has returned with better than ever features. The album is awesome and this member intro page is all new to me.
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