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Hello guys – discovered something interesting this morning. I have the manual climate controls. My windows were starting to fog up a bit in the cool morning commute when I decided to switch it over to the windshield defrost. Seemed to work great, but when I was stopped behind a stinky semi truck I decided to push the internal air circulation button. I was disappointed to discover that I can’t use the internal air circulation on that setting, or the next setting counterclockwise (feet & window I think it is). The button will not depress to activate the internal air circ at those two settings. All my other cars allowed me to do this. Granted, outside air is needed in order to properly dehumidify the car, but in the past I’d switch between internal and external air based on my preference and need.

In conclusion, this is a feature I do not like. Want to make sure that this is normal though. I don’t have my manual handy.

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