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Hey Everyone,

I recently purchased a blue 2001 AWD manual Rav4. Being in BC, Canada, it rains quite a bit here and window visors are a must.

Autovent Shade (AVS) and Weathertech seem to be the top companies that offer them. After extensive reading, I figured the exterior-mount double side tape ones would fit my interests more than the Weathertech in-channel ones (AVS exterior mount sits appx. 1" higher than in-channel, so obstructs less view, and the in-channel ones seem to cause long-term wear on the window regulator after many many years, and a bit more wind noise comes from in-channel ones).

I prefer ones that are low profile and don't stick far out that much. I contacted AVS, and Westin (they advertise that theirs are low profile) to share some photos of their product with me, but so far they said that they don't have any.

Does anyone have photos of AVS or Westin exterior-mount double-sided tape visors on their second-Gen Rav4?

I figured that I might as well ask since I'll have to look at them mounted on the Rav4 forever.

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