The e36 is getting harder to justify using for everyday duty.
So I'm in the market to buy a manual awd 1st gen Rav4 (no year preference) must be the four door.
Not looking for a pristine example, just a reliable maintained one for daily driving. No color preference or paint condition requirement. No rusty swiss cheese either though.

I'd prefer to find one in California just to make smog easy, ready to travel/meet in any part of CA. Also will consider anything from neighboring states (NV,AZ, OR) but I have to consider the extra steps to register it in CA.

Cash in hand, you can reply here or send me a dm.
Let me know what's out there, excited to get into this platform, and thanks for your time!

included a pic of where I take my e36 as an example for why I'd like a rav4 now :)