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Hi guys (and girls).

I'm new to this forum. Last year I bought a 2004 XT3 Auto with 55K miles on the clock and a FSH as run-about.
Lovely little car that seems to have been very well cared for.

Recently the transmission has begun to make a noise under load like a worn clutch thrust bearing would make
when I still drove cars with clutches. It's not the engine because that will rev in neutral like a turbine.
The noise only happens with the auto in Drive and under load and its worse when cold. Backing-off the throttle
causes the noise to disappear.

I've done a basic check underneath but no signs of anything obviously loose or worn.

It's a tough one to pin down as the noise only happens when the car is moving with the auto under load. No way
to replicate it with the car stationary.

Does anyone have any ideas on what it might be ?

It doesn't sound too threatening at the moment but I don't want to keep going until something serious breaks !

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